Picture Gallery

Good one to lead with.  This is a visit to Mom's...  we're trying to do this a bit more as Mom get's older.  We're actually considering a second home in California to rent out until we... well.... dare I say....retire there?

This is one of our airplanes, a King Air 200.  We fly several variations on this airplane, but this is the big one.  Great stuff, around 1700 shaft horsepower...  no problem zooming right up to 25 or 26,000 feet and cruising at 250 knots.


Shelly, clearly up to no good.  This was at Lin's 50th... it was a great party thrown by Lin and Russ.  We are getting to know our nieces again a bit.  They are GREAT people.

This pic was too much fun not to include.  Same party... we've had a few.

I love this picture!  Mom came to visit us in Flagstaff.

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