...where cocooning is king...

 Hello, everyone, glad you made it. I have no idea where this website will go, but since you've made it this far, please say "hey" in the blog area.

So let's update you....  we're flying air ambulance in Arizona and New Mexico.  We work a LOT of hours but we do love our jobs.  For now, that's fine, but we do look forward to a time in which we spend a bit more time at home to... you know.... cocoon.  Here's a few little factoids about each of us

Steve.....  Steve is Chief Pilot for an air ambulance company based in Tulsa, OK,  but which carries out most of its operations in the southwest.  Steve is a 6,000-hour-plus pilot with nearly all that in commercial operations.  It's essentially a 24/7 job, but there are some quiet days.  When he's not working, he's doing projects, exercising, planning activities with Michelle or fooling with the pooches.  He collects things pathologically...  he has a kerosene lantern collection,  a chainsaw collection (!?), and is dabbling a bit in RC airplanes.  He spends a fair amount of time trying not to get fat.

Michelle.....  Michelle is check airman for the same air ambulance company.  She is a 6000-hour-plus pilot and works hard to keep the company pilots certificated and current.  She is an environmentalist to the core, loves long distance running, adores the pooches, and occasionally pays attention to Steve.

Blackie......  Blackie is a six-year-old lab we picked up on the Navajo Reservation.. or maybe he picked us up.  He is the nicest dog you'll EVER meet... a great guy.

Karate Monkey....  Karate man is a recent addition to the family.  He's a Chihuahua that was picked up at the SPCA by Steve in a moment of weakness.  Thankfully, he is working out fabulously.  It's hard to figure out how so much personality can be contained in an eight-pound body.

Check out the house.... yes, it snows that much in Northern AZ.   It's  a nice, two-story timber frame that has an open floor plan.  We heat primarily with a wood stove (Jotul F500 Firelight) and we cut all our own firewood.  We have a gas furnace installed for when we are not there (a lot).  The lot is about 1/4 acre, so we have a bit of frisbee room.

Check out the gallery page for more pictures of what we're up to.

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